The Bubble™ performers

The Bubble™ is the original and pre-eminent staging piece of its type, comprising of a seamless glasslike Bubble top, a transparent stage floor with LED up-lighters which bathe the artist in light,
and an illuminated base which appears to hover above the floor. 
Our handpicked musicians are the very best in their respective genres, and display exceptional skill, versatility and stage presence.

Featuring for ‘Game of Thrones’ or Winter Wonderland themed events, it doesn’t get better than this.
The Bubble performance is equally well-suited for beautiful outdoor events and can change colour
according to the theme of the décor. Featured at top events in the Europe, the UAE and SA,
this act will have your audience scrambling for their phones!

Cello in The Bubble™ (That Girl in The Bubble)

Harp in The Bubble™

Violin in The Bubble™

Sax in The Bubble™

On Offer

  1. That Girl in The Bubble (2x SAMA-nominated Cellist Carol Thorns – Cpt)
  2. Double Bubble™ (Duo performance in 2 Bubble™)
  3. Violin in The Bubble™ (Crissy Rodrigues – Jhb / Jane Bailly – Dbn)
  4. Harp in The Bubble™ (Jude Harpstar – Jhb)
  5. Sax in The Bubble™ (Cathy Del Mei – Jhb)