For a Double the wow-factor we offer two Bubbles which can be placed side by side or either side of a room, or outdoor space (even either end of a sports stadium as featured at Cape Town Stadium in 2015).



These following duo’s are on offer:

  1. Electric cello and sax
  2. Electric violin and sax
  3. Elec violin and elec cello
  4. Dj with any of the above soloists


In keeping with our mission statement to create ground-breaking, innovative entertainment products, this new exclusive Red Cello Productions design will take the DJ’s performance to a new level with a spectacle of light.

The DJ equipment is concealed in a shelf of light and can be lit in any colour.  making for a slick and futuristic performance.


Featuring SA’s top DJ’s such as:

  • Lady Lea
  • Dino Moran
  • DJ Nova
  • DJ LuvChild


  • In The Bubble / Double Bubble (e.g. DJ and Sax / DJ and Elec Violin)
  • In any colour


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